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Worley Electrical Ltd is an electrical contractor, based in Stratford upon Avon, dedicated to providing our customers with the highest possible standards of service. Worley Electrical Ltd carry out all types of electrical work from small domestic installations requiring extra sockets and lights to commercial and industrial projects. We offer services including the design, installation, maintenance and test of: 1.Power installations: single and three phase. 2.Interior and exterior lighting systems. 3.New distribution boards. 4.Access and Door Entry Systems. 5.Electrical circuits. 6.CCTV Installations. 7.Full and Part Building rewires. 8.Fuse board and Earthing upgrades. 9.Intruder alarms. 10.Audio,visual,television and telephone. 11.Central heating wiring. 12.Full electrical services. The Inspection and Test Service: Following a visual appraisal and verification of the entire electrical installation, the following test procedures are applied where appropriate, in order to check the safety of the electrical installation: 1.Continuity - to test that the earthing is continuous throughout the circuit. 2.Bonding Conductors Continuity - to ensure bonding is in place and effective. 3.Ring Circuit Continuity - to test whether or not the ring is complete. 4.Insulation Resistance - to test the insulation to the installation. 5.Polarity - to check that the installation is correctly wired. 6.Earth Fault Loop Impedance - to check the Zs of the installation. 7.Earth Electrode Resistance - applies to TT systems only, to test the earthing rods. 8.RCD testing - to check that Residual Current Device disconnects the supply in the event of a fault. 9.Functional testing of isolators and breakers - to ensure that they disconnect the supply. Free Quotations; we provide free quotations for all our services. We are conscious of how much energy any new installations would add to your electrical consumption and we do our best in advising our customers of any energy savings ideas we could help put in place. For any questions or to book your free quotation, please call Stuart on either of the following numbers: Telephone: 01789 298775 Mobile: 07826056314 or email: stuart@worleyelectrical.com


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